Our academic community of over 300 academics spans almost the entire disciplinary breadth of the University of Oxford. Scholars range in experience from our Experts, who include some of the most senior scholars in the University, to our Fellows, DPhil students, postdoctoral researchers and mid-career academics. Uniting our researchers are the qualities identified through the School’s four criteria: They all promote academic excellence; address issues of a global scale; ensure a real-world impact beyond academia, and work in innovative interdisciplinary ways.

Professor Samson Abramsky Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing

Dr Michele Acuto Stephen Barter Fellow

Dr Ella Adlen Research Assistant

Dapo Akande Associate Professor of Public International Law

Professor Myles Allen Professor of Geosystem Science

Dr David Alonso Postdoctoral Reseach Assistant in Theoretical Cosmology

Dr Facundo Alvaredo Research Fellow

Dr Arzhang Ardavan Reader in Physics

Dr Wes Armour Research Fellow

Professor John Armour Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance

Dr Stuart Armstrong Research Fellow

Dr Janine Aron Research Fellow

Professor Ivan Arreguín-Toft Departmental Lecturer in Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Sir Tony Atkinson Professor of Economics

Dr Maria Bada Research Assistant

Dr Oliver Bakewell Co-Director, International Migration Institute

Dr Paola Ballon Fernandez Associate Professor of Econometrics

Dr René Bañares-Alcántara Reader in Engineering Science

Professor David Banister Professor of Transport Studies

Dr Idalina Baptista University Lecturer in Urban Anthropology

Rachel Barber Finance Manager

Dr Ellie Barnes MRC Senior Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Hepatology

Professor Sir John Beddington CMG FRS Professor of Natural Resources Management

Eric Beinhocker Executive Director, INET Oxford

Rob Bellamy Research Fellow

Dr Simon Benjamin Senior Fellow in Quantum Materials

Dr Vanessa Berenguer-Rico Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Emanuela Bianchera Research Fellow

Dr Jason J Blackstock INSIS Visiting Fellow

Dr Mick Blowfield Senior Research Fellow

Dr Olaf Bochmann Research Fellow

Dr David Bonilla Senior Research Fellow in Transport, Energy & Economics

Professor Michael Bonsall Professor of Mathematical Biology

Dr David Boshier James Martin Fellow - Trees

Professor Nick Bostrom Professor of Philosophy

Clara Bowyer Events and Venue Manager

Professor Andrew Briggs Professor of Nanomaterials

Professor Ian Brown Associate Director of the Cyber Security Centre, University of Oxford

Dr Victor Burlakov Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences

Dr Igor Calzada Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Professor Simon Caney Professor in Political Theory

Professor Wendy Carlin Visiting Professor

Dr Jennifer Castle Tutorial Fellow in Economics

Professor Stephen Castles Research Chair in Sociology at the University of Sydney

Dr Elizabeth Clutterbuck Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Lauren Coad Research Fellow

Professor Bob Coecke Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures

Professor Sir Paul Collier Professor of Economics

Dr Sonia Contera Associate Professor in Biological Physics and Nanomedicine

Caroline Corke Communications and Events Assistant

Professor Paul Cornish Professor of Strategic Studies, University of Exeter

Dr Sally Cowley Head, James Martin Stem Cell Facility

Professor Sadie Creese Professor of Cybersecurity

Mrs Lucy Crittenden Project and Communications Officer

Dr Mathias Czaika Research Officer

Dr Peter Darrah University Lecturer in Plant Sciences

Professor Richard Darton Professor of Engineering Science

Dr Gaurav Das Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Hein De Haas Associate Professor in Migration Studies

Professor David De Roure Professor of e-Research

Anushya Devendra Policy and Research Officer

Daniel Dewey Alexander Tamas Fellow

Professor Liam Dolan Sherardian Professor of Botany

Dr Catherine Dolan University Lecturer in Marketing, Culture and Society

Dr Jurgen Doornik Research Fellow

Dr Erwin Dotzauer Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Dr Joanna Dunkley University Lecturer in Astrophysics

Professor William Dutton Professor of Internet Studies, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Professor Terry Dwyer Professor of Epidemiology

Dr Karin Eli Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Paul Fairchild University Lecturer in the Immunobiology of Stem Cells

Andrew Farlow Research Fellow in Economics

Dr Chris Farmer Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics

Professor Doyne Farmer Professor of Mathematics

Dr Tristan Farrow Research Fellow

Dr Nadira Faulmüller Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Professor Pedro Ferreira Professor of Astrophysics

Mr Denis Filer Senior Research Associate

Professor Jonathan Flint Professor of Molecular Psychiatry

Professor Christopher Foot Professor of Physics

Andrew Foulsham IT Manager

Dr John Frater Clinical Research Fellow

Professor Sandra Fredman Rhodes Professor of the Laws of the British Commonwealth and the United States

Dr Carl Benedikt Frey James Martin Research Fellow

Dr Daniel Fricke James Martin Fellow

Dr Helen Fryer Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Tim Furche ERC Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Dustin Garrick Researcher

Professor Dr Marco Gercke Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute

Dr Austin Gerig Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks

Professor Sarah Gilbert Professor of Vaccinology

Dr Cécile Girardin Postdoctoral Researcher

Professor Charles Godfray Hope Professor in the Department of Zoology

Professor Colin Goding Professor of Oncology

Professor Ian Goldin Professor of Globalisation and Development and Vice Chair of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations

Professor Michael Goldsmith Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Professor Doug Gollin Professor of Development Economics

Professor Alain Goriely Professor of Mathematical Modelling

Professor Derrick Gosselin Professor of Strategy & Marketing, Ghent University

Professor Georg Gottlob Professor of Informatics

Dr Hilary Greaves Associate Professor in Philosophy

Professor Chris Grovenor Professor of Materials

Dr Omar Guerrero Research Fellow

Professor Sunetra Gupta Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology

Dr Sophie Haines Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Professor Jim Hall Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks

Dr Kate Hamblin Research Fellow

Professor Sarah Harper Professor of Gerontology

Dr Stephen Harris Druce Curator of the Oxford University Herbaria

Dr Will Hawthorne Senior Research Associate

Professor Gideon Henderson Professor of Earth Sciences & Head of Department, Earth Sciences

Professor Sir David Hendry Professor of Economics

Dr Korneel Hens Group Leader

Professor Cameron Hepburn Professor of Environmental Economics

Dr Fred Hersch Clinical Research Fellow

Professor Adrian Hill Professor of Human Genetics

Dr Amy Hinterberger Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick

Dr Jaco Hoffman Senior Research Fellow in Sociology of Africa

Professor Guy Houlsby Professor of Civil Engineering

Mr Kenneth Howse Senior Research Fellow in Bio-Demography and Ethics

Xin Huang Doctoral Student

Dr Wolf Huetteroth Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Mr William Hunter Research Fellow

Dr Mo Ibrahim Chair of the Board, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Dr Dieter Jaksch Professor of Physics

Professor William James Professor of Virology

Dr Elizabeth Jeffers Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Vivek Jha Executive Director, The George Institute for Global Health, India

Dr Steven Johnson Lecturer in Biochemistry

Professor Jonathan Jones University Lecturer in Atomic and Laser Physics

Claire Jordan Administrative Assistant & PA to Sir John Beddington

Dr Andreas Kappes Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Garry Kasparov Senior Visiting Fellow

Professor Michael Keith Director of COMPAS

Dr Reza Khorshidi Program Lead, Machine Learning and Biomedical Informatics

Tom King Webmaster

Oleg Kitov Research Fellow

Professor Paul Klenerman Professor of Immunology

Mr Tim Kruger Programme Manager

Dr Jaakko Kuosmanen Programme Coordinator

Professor Marta Kwiatkowska Professor of Computing Systems

Julian Laird Head of Policy and Development

Dr Teresa Lambe Senior Pre-Clinical Scientist

Mr Pascal Lamy Commission Chair and former Director-General, World Trade Organization

Professor Jane Langdale Professor of Plant Development

Dr Laura Lauer Administrator

Dr Liora Lazarus University Lecturer in Law

Professor Susan Lea Oxford University Statutory Chair of Microbiology

Dr George Leeson Senior Research Fellow in Demography

Dr Alexander Leveringhaus Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Javier Lezaun James Martin Lecturer in Science and Technology Governance

Mr Andrew Liddell Senior Research Officer

Dr Suewei Lin Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Andrew Lin Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Dr Chris Lintott Departmental Researcher in Physics

Dr Peter Long Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Eduardo López Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Complexity Science

Dr Marc Macias Fauria Post Doctoral Researcher, Marie Curie Fellow

Professor Stephen MacMahon Professor of Medicine and James Martin Professorial Fellow

Professor Martin Maiden Professor of Molecular Epidemiology

Professor Yadvinder Malhi Professor of Ecosystems Science

Dr Andrew Markham EPSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Professor James Marrow James Martin Professor of Energy Materials

Professor David Marshall Professor of Physical Oceanography

Professor Andrew Martin University Lecturer, Dept of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Dr Hannah Maslen Junior Research Fellow

Dr Pallab Maulik Deputy Director and Head of Research and Development, The George Institute for Global Health, India

Dr Malcolm McCulloch Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Dr Connie McDermott Senior Research Fellow in Forest Governance

Professor Angela McLean Professor of Mathematical Biology

Travers McLeod Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Policy Development

Professor Helen McShane Professor of Vaccinology

Professor Gero Miesenböck Waynflete Professor of Physiology

Dr Catherine Montgomery Research Fellow in Bioproperty

Dr Michael Darren (Kenny) Moore Lecturer in Medicine

Professor John Muellbauer Professor of Economics

Professor Vincent Müller Professor of Philosophy

Nana Nanitashvili James Martin Research Officer

Dr Bent Nielsen Reader in Econometrics

Dr Sandra Nogué Post Doctoral Researcher

Professor Robyn Norton Professor of Public Health and James Martin Professorial Fellow

Dr Joshua Nunn Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh Academic Project Manager

Dr Dawn O'Reilly James Martin Research Fellow

Dr Toby Ord James Martin Research Fellow

Dr Giorgio Orsi Research Assistant

Dr David Owald Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow

Professor Tim Palmer Royal Society Research Professor in Climate Physics

Dr Timos Papadopoulos James Martin Fellow

Dr Moshe Parnas Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Christopher Parsons Research Officer

Dr Emmanuel Perisse Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Sanne Peters Research Fellow in Epidemiology

Dr Gillian Petrokofsky Associate Researcher

Professor Rodney Phillips Professor of Clinical Medicine

Tim Phillips Research Officer

Professor Andrew Pollard Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity

Dr Natalie Porter Research Fellow in Bioproperty

Felix Pretis Research Fellow

Dr Ioannis Psorakis INET Research Fellow

Professor Oliver Pybus Professor of Evolution & Infectious Disease

Dr Kazem Rahimi James Martin Fellow in Healthcare Innovation, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, University Research Lecturer

Dr Maheshi Ramasamy Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Rafael Ramirez Fellow in Strategy and Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme

Professor Steve Rayner James Martin Professor of Science and Civilization

Dr Mike Rayner Director, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group

Professor Catherine Redgwell Chichele Professor of Public International Law

Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems

Professor Gesine Reinert Professor of Statistics

Dr Arturo Reyes-Sandoval Research Fellow

Dr Ross Richardson Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Taylor Roberts Research Assistant

Dr David Rodin Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Dr Christine Rollier-Weissenburger Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Professor Bill Roscoe Professor of Computing Science

Dr Dominic Roser Research Fellow

Dr Christophe Royer Research Fellow

Dr Anders Sandberg Research Fellow

Professor M. Angela Sasse Professor of Human-Centred Technology, Dept of Computer Science, UCL

Professor Quentin Sattentau Professor of Immunology

Professor Simon Saunders Professor of Philosophy of Physics

Professor Julian Savulescu Uehiro Professor in Practical Ethics

Dr Peter Scarborough Senior Researcher, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group

Dr Tanja Schneider Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies

Carole Scott Head of External Relations and Media

Dr Nathalie Seddon Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Maaz Shaikh Global Health Management Fellow

Dr Joshua Shepherd Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Brooke Simmons Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Hugo Slim Senior Research Fellow

Dr Brian Smith University Lecturer in Experimental Quantum Physics

Dr Jason Smith Lecturer in Materials

Beatrice Smith Development Officer

Professor Henry Snaith Reader in Physics

Dr Ebru Soytemel James Martin Research Fellow

Dr Alex Spencer Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Marco Springmann Post-doctoral Researcher

Professor Andrew Steane Tutor in Physics

Dr Liz Stephens Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Sally Stewart Communications and Media Officer

Dr Adam Swift Professor of Political Theory, Warwick University

Professor Christoph Tang Glaxo Professor of Cellular Pathology

Professor Robert Taylor Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

Dr Jeyan Thiyagalingam Research Fellow

Professor Jeremy Thomas Professor of Ecology

Sorana Toma Research Officer

Dr Niki Trigoni Associate Professor

Dr Sonia Trigueros Academic Fellow in Biological Physics

Dr Johannes Truck Research Fellow & Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Professor Andrew Turberfield Professor of Physics

Professor Stanley Ulijaszek Professor of Human Ecology

Professor David Upton American Standard Companies Professor of Operations Management, University of Oxford

Professor Vlatko Vedral Professor of Quantum Information Science

Professor Anthony Venables BP Professor of Economics

Dr Maria Villares Varela Research Officer

Professor David Vines Professor of Economics

Dr Christopher Vogel Research Fellow

Professor Scott Waddell Professor of Neurobiology

Lindsay Walker Executive Assistant

Dr David Wallom Associate Director - Innovation

Professor Ian Walmsley Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and University Collections)

Dr Pete Walton James Martin Fellow

Dr Philip Ward Research Fellow

Sue Way Finance Assistant

Professor Jennifer Welsh Professor of International Relations

Professor Geoffrey West CABDyN Associate Fellow

Dr Richard Willden University Lecturer in Engineering Science

Professor Katherine Willis Professor of Biodiversity

Dr Daniel Wilson Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Dr Hans Winther Post Doctoral Researcher

Mr John Wood James Martin Fellow - Conservation

Dr David Wyllie Research Fellow

Dr Michiko Yamasaki-Mann Research Fellow

Dr Hyejin Youn Senior Research Fellow

Professor Peyton Young James Meade Professor of Economics

Dr Maja Založnik Research Fellow