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Seminar series to examine what's at stake in 2015 climate negotiations

The Oxford Martin School’s next seminar series will bring together leading academics to explore the different dimensions of climate change, and the challenges involved in securing a new global agreement in 2015.


Oxford Martin School

A world-leading centre of pioneering research, debate and policy for a sustainable and inclusive future

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Ensuring artificial intelligence benefits humanity

How can we make sure that developments in artificial intelligence will benefit, rather than harm, societies?


Robo-wars: regulating robotic weapons

A new policy paper from the Oxford Martin School tackles the controversial issue of robotic weapons.


How to prevent the end of economic growth

The digital economy has generated enormous wealth but few new jobs, argues Oxford Martin Fellow Carl Benedikt Frey

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Informing regulation of brain boost devices

Find out about our work with the European Commission on new and emerging technologies


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