Computational Cosmology

Programme on Computational Cosmology

What are we doing?
We address how data from enormous experiments can be processed, and look at ways of extending to other disciplines methods that are developing in astrophysics and cosmology.

Why is it important?
For most of scientific history, how fast we added to our knowledge of the universe was limited by the amount of data available.  21st century science is fundamentally different.  Advances in technology provide an unprecedented wealth of information to researchers in diverse fields across the sciences.

How are we different?
We are a team of astrophysicists who recognise the tools and technologies we are developing to map the skies can be used in many other fields of analysis. Our focus is on enhancing collaboration across disciplines and sharing methodologies that will accelerate progress in fields as diverse as oceanography, climate science and medicine.

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Pedro Ferreira

Professor Pedro Ferreira

Professor of Astrophysics
Chris Lintott

Dr Chris Lintott

Departmental Researcher in Physics


David Alonso

Dr David Alonso

Postdoctoral Reseach Assistant in Theoretical Cosmology
Joanna Dunkley

Dr Joanna Dunkley

University Lecturer in Astrophysics
Brooke Simmons

Dr Brooke Simmons

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Hans Winther

Dr Hans Winther

Post Doctoral Researcher