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06 Jun 2017
'Disruptive oil and electricity futures' with Amory Lovins
25 May 2017
'The ecology of war: an evolutionary perspective on conflict over resources and prospects for peace' with Prof Dominic Johnson
18 May 2017
'Food security and conflict: narratives and interventions' with Prof Gunnar Sørbø
17 May 2017
'Moral outrage in the digital age' with Prof Molly Crockett
11 May 2017
'Climate Violence?' with Prof Clionadh Raleigh
08 May 2017
'The concept of time in biology, and the unity of life' with Prof Brian J. Enquist
04 May 2017
The nature of conflict
04 May 2017
'Rebel’s or farmer’s best friend? The Janus face of ‘blood diamonds’ and other conflict minerals' with Dr Anouk Rigterink
03 May 2017
'Integration of Brits in Turkey and Turks in Britain' with Ibrahim Sirkeci
28 Apr 2017
'Droughts and woody plants: safety, efficiency and whole-plant economics' with Prof Maurizio Mencuccini
27 Apr 2017
'Brain ageing: using neuroimaging to understand risk for and resilience against dementia' with Professor Clare Mackay
20 Apr 2017
'The second wave of the second machine age' with Prof Erik Brynjolfsson
03 Apr 2017
'A circuit architecture for angular integration' with Gaby Maimon
31 Mar 2017
'Holocene climate change and the domestication of SW Amazonia', with Prof Frank Mayle
30 Mar 2017
'Hunger-driven motivational state competition' with Dr Michael Krashes
27 Mar 2017
'How population change will transform our world' with Prof Sarah Harper
26 Mar 2017
'The well tempered city: the future of urban life' with Jonathan Rose
26 Mar 2017
'The new renaissance: hope in an uncertain age' with Prof Ian Goldin
26 Mar 2017
BBC World Service at the Oxford Literary Festival
25 Mar 2017
Oxford Martin School at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2017
24 Mar 2017
'Complex adaptive economic systems in the laboratory' with Cars Hommes
21 Mar 2017
'Dissecting the circuits and algorithms that process visual motion' with Prof Thomas R. Clandinin
15 Mar 2017
'The end of global cooperation? A debate on global governance in the emerging world order'
10 Mar 2017
'Climate change morphing into an existential problem' with Prof Veerabhadran (Ram) Ramanathan
09 Mar 2017
'Africa’s health in transition' with Prof Kevin Marsh
09 Mar 2017
'Imaging the ageing brain' with Dr Claire Sexton
08 Mar 2017
'Gender equality in Oxford: how far have we come?' - International Women's Day roundtable discussion
08 Mar 2017
'The subjective wellbeing of African transnational parents in Europe', with Bilisuma B. Dito
07 Mar 2017
'African Futures: navigating a profound transition' - panel discussion
03 Mar 2017
'Symbiotic nitrogen fixation and the tropical carbon sink', with Dr Sarah Batterman
02 Mar 2017
'Hacking nature’s computers: exploring quantum computation with organic molecules' with Prof Vlatko Vedral
02 Mar 2017
'Anti-ageing and personalised medicine' with Dr Avi Roy
02 Mar 2017
'On the Impact of Genetic Variation on Molecular and Organismal (Immunological) Phenotypes' with Dr Bart Deplancke
01 Mar 2017
'"All the money I raised, I raised from Ghana": Understanding reverse remittance practice among Ghanaian migrants in the UK and their relatives in Ghana', with Geraldine Adiku
28 Feb 2017
'Do-it-yourself biology (DIYBio): between education, innovation, subversion and empowerment' with Dr Markus Schmidt
23 Feb 2017
'Knowing what not to know: sharing and hiding information in digital societies' with Dr Joss Wright
23 Feb 2017
'Tapping the foundation of youth: exploiting stem cells and treatment of degenerative disease' with Professor Paul Fairchild
22 Feb 2017
'The global refugee crisis and what to do about it' with Rt Hon David Miliband
22 Feb 2017
'Biomass recovery and carbon mitigation potential in regenerating Neotropical forests following agricultural land use', with Prof Robin L. Chazdon
22 Feb 2017
'Migration, family and the changing significance of absence in Senegal', with Hélène Neveu Kringelbach
21 Feb 2017
'Restoring trust in finance: moral obligation meets Econ 101' with Gordon Menzies
21 Feb 2017
'Civic science and DIY enquiry: critical perspectives and experiences from Jerusalem, London and New York' with Hagit Keysar and Cindy Regalado
21 Feb 2017
'Climate change: what’s new, what’s next?' with Karen Florini
17 Feb 2017
'Report from the Frontier: securing forest peoples’ rights to curb tropical deforestation', with Dr Marcus Colchester
17 Feb 2017
OCTF seminar series, Hilary Term 2017
16 Feb 2017
'Can future energy needs be met sustainably?' with Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith
16 Feb 2017
'Developing equality?' with Jonathan Wolff and Craig Holmes
16 Feb 2017
'Major longevity drivers in the next 10 years: antibiotic resistance, metabolic syndrome and national health expenditure' with Matthew Edwards
15 Feb 2017
'Transnational religious practices and negotiation of difference among Zimbabwean Catholics in Britain', with Dominic Pasura
14 Feb 2017
'Smart Citizenship: recovering the productive role of society through new technologies' with Tomas Diez
10 Feb 2017
'From physics to medicine through nanotechnology and biology: from Madrid to Oxford through Japan' with Prof Sonia Contera
09 Feb 2017
'Exploring our inner space: discovering the deep sea and assessing human impact' with Prof Alex Rogers
09 Feb 2017
'Effecting behaviour change in older adults through smartphone technology' with Dr Alessandro Guazzi
07 Feb 2017
'N of 1: self-tracking as personal science' with Prof Gina Neff
06 Feb 2017
'Age of Discovery' with Professor Ian Goldin and Dr Chris Kutarna
02 Feb 2017
"Expanding frontiers in space exploration" with Dr Colin Wilson
27 Jan 2017
"Dynamics of tropical vegetation transitions under global change" with Imma Oliveras
25 Jan 2017
Panel Discussion: 'Is a post-truth world a post-expert world?'
24 Jan 2017
InSIS Seminar Series - 'Science in your own hands: promises and perils of DIY science'
24 Jan 2017
'Citizen science: a new knowledge politics?' with Prof Alan Irwin
23 Jan 2017
'Thank you for being late: an optimist’s guide to thriving in the age of accelerations' with Thomas L. Friedman
19 Jan 2017
New frontiers: pushing the boundaries of science and technology
19 Jan 2017
Panel Discussion: Gene editing revolution: should there be limits?
19 Jan 2017
Hilary 2017 Seminar Series: ‘Contemporary medical perspectives on ageing’
18 Jan 2017
Seminar Series: Migration to, through and from Africa: an ‘African’ conversation
17 Jan 2017
Panel Discussion: "Water, the economy and sustainable development"
02 Dec 2016
'Energy economics' with Prof Cameron Hepburn
01 Dec 2016
'The breakthrough initiatives: the search for life in the Universe and mankind's first interstellar voyage' with Dr Simon P. Worden
01 Dec 2016
Panel Discussion: Tackling inequality: strategies, priorities and effects
01 Dec 2016
'Climate change and catastrophic Amazon die-back – genuine threat or crying wolf?' with Richard Betts
29 Nov 2016
'Towards a green economy: pathways through politics, culture and economics' with Achim Steiner
25 Nov 2016
'Critical technology: Is technological risk the main threat to the survival of humanity? Or do we need to rely on technology to survive?' - Workshop
25 Nov 2016
"Integrating discourse and practice in nature rights and natural resources management: challenges and opportunities in Bolivia" with Dr Bernardo Peredo
25 Nov 2016
'Fluid driven generation: wind and tides' with Prof Richard Willden
24 Nov 2016
'What influences intergenerational social mobility in Europe?' with Dr Marii Paskov and Prof Erzsébet Bukodi
18 Nov 2016
'Exploring the mechanisms by which ancient forests interact with the environment' by Dr Sandra Nogué
17 Nov 2016
'Urbanisation, migration and the future metropolis' with Prof Michael Keith
17 Nov 2016
'From Single Cells and Columns to Cortical Networks: Coincidence Detection and Synaptic Transmission' with Bert Sakmann
12 Nov 2016
OUNCS Symposium: 'Providing for the planet without costing the earth'
11 Nov 2016
'Madagascar’s orphans of extinction' with Wolfgang Stuppy