Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines

What are we doing?
We design and develop new vaccines against infectious diseases of global health importance, focusing on five target diseases: pandemic influenza, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and meningitis.

Why is it important?
For most people living in the first decade of the 21st century, death from infectious diseases remains a substantial risk.  The threat of global pandemics and the huge mortality from endemic diseases will continue to pose great challenges for vaccine research and development in coming decades.

How are we different?
By spanning the broad range of disciplines that underpin modern vaccinology, the Institute provides a range of expertise unparalleled elsewhere in academia.

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Categories: Health & Medicine


Adrian Hill

Professor Adrian Hill

Professor of Human Genetics
Susan Lea

Professor Susan Lea

Oxford University Statutory Chair of Microbiology
Andrew Pollard

Professor Andrew Pollard

Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity
Christoph Tang

Professor Christoph Tang

Glaxo Professor of Cellular Pathology

Principal Investigators

Andrew Farlow

Andrew Farlow

Research Fellow in Economics
Sarah Gilbert

Professor Sarah Gilbert

Professor of Vaccinology
Sunetra Gupta

Professor Sunetra Gupta

Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology
Martin Maiden

Professor Martin Maiden

Professor of Molecular Epidemiology
Helen McShane

Professor Helen McShane

Professor of Vaccinology
Quentin Sattentau

Professor Quentin Sattentau

Professor of Immunology
Julian Savulescu

Professor Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Professor in Practical Ethics


Ellie Barnes

Dr Ellie Barnes

MRC Senior Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Hepatology
Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Dr Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Post Doctoral Researcher
Steven  Johnson

Dr Steven Johnson

Lecturer in Biochemistry
Teresa Lambe

Dr Teresa Lambe

Senior Pre-Clinical Scientist
Maheshi Ramasamy

Dr Maheshi Ramasamy

Clinical Research Fellow
Arturo Reyes-Sandoval

Dr Arturo Reyes-Sandoval

Research Fellow
Christine Rollier-Weissenburger

Dr Christine Rollier-Weissenburger

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Alex Spencer

Dr Alex Spencer

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Johannes Truck

Dr Johannes Truck

Research Fellow & Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics
Philip Ward

Dr Philip Ward

Research Fellow
David Wyllie

Dr David Wyllie

Research Fellow