Oxford Geoengineering Programme

What are we doing?
Our research centres around the question of what, if any, geoengineering techniques could be most effectively employed, and how such a global process might be governed.

Why is it important?
Geoengineering is the deliberate, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to address climate change. Although we believe that society’s first priority should be to reduce global carbon emissions, in dealing with climate change it may be wise to consider geoengineering the climate to reduce the harmful levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  

How are we different?
Our programme is a unique partnership that includes engineers, natural scientists and experts in governance to focus equally on robust science and thoroughly considered ethics. A core component of our activity includes engagement with policy makers, opinion formers and environmental NGOs to build a collaborative and multi-perspective platform for open debate.

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Myles Allen

Professor Myles Allen

Professor of Geosystem Science
Richard Darton

Professor Richard Darton

Professor of Engineering Science
Steve Rayner

Professor Steve Rayner

James Martin Professor of Science and Civilization
Catherine Redgwell

Professor Catherine Redgwell

Chichele Professor of Public International Law
Julian Savulescu

Professor Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Professor in Practical Ethics


Tim Kruger

Mr Tim Kruger

Programme Manager


Gideon Henderson

Professor Gideon Henderson

Professor of Earth Sciences & Head of Department, Earth Sciences