Prof Myles Allen, Kaya Axelsson, Prof Sam Fankhauser & Dr Steve Smith in conversation: "Net zero – why and how?"

19 January 2021

Portrait of Professor Myles Allen

with Professor Myles Allen
Professor of Geosystem Science

Myles Allen is Head of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics in the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, and Professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography and the Environment. His research focuses on how human and natural inf...

Portrait of Kaya Axelsson

with Kaya Axelsson
Policy Engagement Fellow at Oxford Net Zero

Kaya Axelsson is the jointly appointed Policy Engagement Fellow at Oxford Net Zero, working between the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and the Environmental Change Institute to support the practical application of net zero research in...

Portrait of Professor Sam Fankhauser

with Professor Sam Fankhauser
Professor of Climate Change Economics and Policy

Sam Fankhauser is a Research Director for the Oxford Martin Initiative on a Net Zero Recovery, and a Fellow of Reuben College. Sam is also Professor of Climate Change Economics and Policy at the University of Oxford, where he is affiliated with the S...

The first discussion in the Oxford Net Zero Series, hosted by the Oxford Martin School, hones in on the fundamental motivation of the research programme: ‘Why net zero?’.

Join the Oxford Net Zero Initiative’s Research Director, Professor Sam Fankhauser; Director, Professor Myles Allen; Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow, Kaya Axelsson as they discuss with the Chair, Executive Director. Dr Steve Smith, the meaning of the word ‘net’ in net zero, reviewing what is needed to mitigate global warming, as and before we fully phase out activities that generate greenhouse gas emissions.

The discussion will explore the framing opportunities and challenges that the term ‘net-zero’ offers for science, policy, and advocacy informing effective climate action, as well as the innovation required at scale to achieve the global goal.

View the speakers' slides here (PDF)