The Oxford Principles

31 January 2013

Climatic Change

Scientific momentum is increasing behind efforts to develop geoengineering options, but it is widely acknowledged that the challenges of geoengineering are as much political and social as they are technical. Legislators are looking for guidance on the governance of geoengineering research and possible deployment. The Oxford Principles are five high-level principles for geoengineering governance. This article explains their intended function and the core societal values which they attempt to capture. Finally, it proposes a framework for their implementation in a flexible governance architecture through the formulation of technology-specific research protocols.

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DOI 10.1007/s10584-012-0675-2 Print ISSN 0165-0009 Online ISSN 1573-1480 Authors: Steve Rayner, Clare Heyward, Tim Kruger, Nick Pidgeon, Catherine Redgwell, Julian Savulescu