2012 TT ELAC Lunchtime Series

Event Series

24 April 2012, 2:00pm 12 June 2012 - 3:30pm

In this series:

24 April 2012
"Intervention in Libya: A humanitarian success?" by Prof Alan Kuperman

01 May 2012
"Detention in 21st Century armed conflict" by William Lietzau

08 May 2012
"Delegation of powers and authority in international criminal law" by Dr Shlomit Wallerstein

15 May 2012
"The Kosova Liberation Army - a living inheritance" by Prof James Pettifer

22 May 2012
"Taking soldiers seriously" by Prof Cheyney Ryan

29 May 2012
"'One war at a time': Britain, the war of 1812 and the defeat of Napoleon'" by Prof Andrew Lambert

06 June 2012
"Imagining NATO: past and present futures for the western alliance" by Dr Kristian Søby Kristensen

12 June 2012
"'Maritime security in the Indian Ocean’ and ‘a new era: the Iranian Navy, strategy expansion and soft power" by Cdr Keith Winstanley and Cdr Tracy Vincent