Technological advances, rapid demographic change and a warming climate are among the many major challenges facing us. A clearer understanding of what this means for our economies can help governments and business make better decisions on a range of issues, from encouraging innovation, tackling inequality, to responding to climate change.


New programmes to focus on challenges of Net Zero, AI and critical metals

The Oxford Martin School has launched three new research programmes focussed on solving a diverse set of critical challenges: sourcing the critical metals needed for the energy transition, achieving global Net Zero, and managing the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

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Autocratic regimes less effective than democracies in responding to COVID-19

Their analysis shows that on average, social capital is approximately 30% higher in democratic societies.

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The global supply of Cyber Skills is not meeting demand

Managing cyber security risks is a complex endeavour due to the rising costs of investment in equipment, software, and cyber talent. A new Citi GPS Report, The Cyber Problem: Causes and Consequences of the Risk in Cyber Skill Demand, looks at the market failures involved.

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Is the robot revolution compatible with maintaining workers livelihoods in the UK?

Robotic technology has revolutionised production and manufacturing sectors in industrialised nations, shaping the modern world over the last three decades.

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RE:TV Report - Reconsidering Renewables

Professor Doyne Farmer and Professor Cameron Hepburn talk to RE:TV about how new research is challenging assumptions around the cost of investing in clean energy.

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Towards a sustainable plastic future: outreach and discussion

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Plastics recently hosted a public panel discussion with experts from chemistry, environment, and law, on the challenges and opportunities in deploying future strategies for tackling the plastic waste problem.

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COP 27: a tipping point in the global energy debate

University of Oxford and Harvard academics, politicians and energy industry players have come together to emphasise COP 27’s transformative power as the conversation about renewable energy changes.

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Long Read: Robot-Proof

Frey Carl 2015

To dismiss the threat of automation is to get the history wrong

– Carl Benedikt Frey

When it comes to debates around the future of work, there’s a distinct dichotomy. We’ve all heard tell of nightmarish scenarios where huge swathes of workers will be rendered redundant by ‘the march of the machines’. But there are also those who point to the past, to periods of hugely disruptive technological change – revolution, even – which societies have managed to survive, and dismiss the notion of a jobs apocalypse.

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