Technological advances, rapid demographic change and a warming climate are among the many major challenges facing us. A clearer understanding of what this means for our economies can help governments and business make better decisions on a range of issues, from encouraging innovation, tackling inequality, to responding to climate change.


Government action to shape markets can deliver environmental and economic success

Leading economists and scientists call on governments to learn from interventions that drove success of solar, wind and LED industries

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How to revive left-behind regions explored in ‘Levelling-Up’ events

Closing the gaps between economic strongholds and left-behind places is major policy challenge for nations around the world.

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Developing countries need sector-level infrastructure investment to replicate China’s rapid growth

The accepted knowledge that strong individual companies and greater competition drives growth in developing economies is being challenged by a new study from an international team of researchers led by Oxford University and Jilin University in China.

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Rethink 'cost-benefit analysis' to tackle climate crisis

Policymakers need better analysis tools to help them tackle the systemic climate crisis, say researchers from Exeter and Oxford Universities.

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Data as markets – it is time to talk (re)distribution

While the digital economy thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, it raised deep concerns about the increasing concentration in its key markets, the gaps in privacy regulations and its broader distributional repercussions. This piece by Pantelis Koutroumpis discusses the digital resilience and challenges that come with this.

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Funding applications open to manage future shocks

The Oxford Martin School has opened its latest round of research funding, inviting expressions of interest for research into how future shocks can be managed.

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Cities could be MORE important post-pandemic, not less

Paradoxically, more in-person work environments and the concentration of jobs in cities could be a medium- to long-term impact of the pandemic’s shift to remote working, suggests Citi GPS Technology at Work v6.0: The Coming of the Post-Production Society.

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Long Read: Robot-Proof

Frey Carl 2015

To dismiss the threat of automation is to get the history wrong

– Carl Benedikt Frey

When it comes to debates around the future of work, there’s a distinct dichotomy. We’ve all heard tell of nightmarish scenarios where huge swathes of workers will be rendered redundant by ‘the march of the machines’. But there are also those who point to the past, to periods of hugely disruptive technological change – revolution, even – which societies have managed to survive, and dismiss the notion of a jobs apocalypse.

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