Technological advances, rapid demographic change and a warming climate are among the many major challenges facing us. A clearer understanding of what this means for our economies can help governments and business make better decisions on a range of issues, from encouraging innovation, tackling inequality, to responding to climate change.


Earth Day 2022 and the undervalued decarbonisation potential of state-owned energy companies

Today, on Earth Day 2022 people from around the world that care about the future of our climate and environment are calling on businesses, governments, and individuals to do one thing – Invest in our Planet.

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African Governance: economic, social and political governance challenges explored in new event series.

The economic, social and political governance challenges for sub-Saharan Africa remain immense. In 2018 40% of the population were living below the US$1.90-a-day poverty line, a situation which will have only become worse due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the area is expecting to experience a youth bulge, in the face of growing economic uncertainties.

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Shifting the dial on money’s climate impact

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Professor Sir Paul Collier appointed to UK Government's Levelling Up Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will be charged with providing independent expert advice to the Government on matters relating to the design and delivery of levelling up.

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COP26: successes, lessons and what’s next explored in new event series

Many people believed that the 26th meeting of the UN’s global climate summit (COP26) hosted in Glasgow in November 2021 was the world’s last best chance to get runaway climate change under control.

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Taxing meat can protect the environment

Taxing meat could be an important lever for aligning Western diets with environmental goals and can be designed such that low-income households and farmers are compensated.

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Meat and dairy gobble up farming subsidies worldwide; it's bad for your health and the planet

The global food system is in disarray. Animal agriculture is a major driver of global heating, and as many as 12 million deaths from heart disease, stroke, cancers and diabetes are each year connected to eating the wrong things, like too much red and processed meat and too few fruits and vegetables.

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Long Read: Robot-Proof

Frey Carl 2015

To dismiss the threat of automation is to get the history wrong

– Carl Benedikt Frey

When it comes to debates around the future of work, there’s a distinct dichotomy. We’ve all heard tell of nightmarish scenarios where huge swathes of workers will be rendered redundant by ‘the march of the machines’. But there are also those who point to the past, to periods of hugely disruptive technological change – revolution, even – which societies have managed to survive, and dismiss the notion of a jobs apocalypse.

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