We support research on subjects as diverse as the relationship between diet, human health and the environment, avoiding future pandemics, and developing more efficient models of drug discovery. Whether working with machine learning experts to understand vast, complex biomedical datasets or ethicists to develop a new understanding of collective moral responsibility in the face of infectious disease, our approach is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to advance human health and improve quality of life.


COVID-19 elimination, not mitigation, creates best outcome for health, economy, and civil liberties

Countries that aimed for COVID-19 elimination registered fewer deaths, better economic performance, and less restrictions and lockdowns, shows a paper published today in The Lancet.

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Four new initiatives launched to support ‘Building Back Better’ from COVID-19

The Oxford Martin School has launched four new solutions-focused research initiatives, designed to make an immediate difference in helping the world ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meta-analysis shows no link between blood pressure medications and cancer risk

A meta-analysis involving over 260,000 participants from 33 randomised controlled trials has sought to resolve the long-debated issue about whether using antihypertensive medication heightens the chance of developing cancer.

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Research consortium including Oxford University and announce new platform to track COVID-19 data, the charitable arm of Google, the University of Oxford and other leading institutions including Boston Children’s Hospital and Northeastern University, today launched

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Banning wild meat could increase biodiversity loss, reveals study

A blanket ban on the trade of wild meat could create risks for nature and for human health, finds a first of its kind study from an international group of researchers.

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‘Building Back Better’ addressed at public online events

From Thursday 21st January, the Oxford Martin School will restart its series of events discussing how the world can ‘Build Back Better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 transmission chains in the UK traced through time and space

A team of scientists, led by researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, has analysed the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK and produced the most fine-scaled and comprehensive genomic analysis of transmission of any epidemic to date.

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Featured Video: Meat Your Persona

The LEAP team have been talking to shoppers to learn more about their meat and dairy consumption and to share the results of our research into the environmental and health impacts with the public.

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