We support research on subjects as diverse as the relationship between diet, human health and the environment, avoiding future pandemics, and developing more efficient models of drug discovery. Whether working with machine learning experts to understand vast, complex biomedical datasets or ethicists to develop a new understanding of collective moral responsibility in the face of infectious disease, our approach is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to advance human health and improve quality of life.


Reduction in UK red and processed meat intake, but more needed to meet our climate targets

Daily meat consumption in the UK has decreased by approximately 17.4g per person per day – just under a 17% reduction – in the last decade, finds new research from the University of Oxford.

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Lowering blood pressure is still beneficial for the heart in old age

Blood pressure medication could lower heart attack and stroke risk even when blood pressure is not substantially raised

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How age-friendly cities are paving the way for the future: the case of Akita City

The convergence of population ageing with urbanisation is one of the major global mega-trends that will shape societies and communities in the 21st century.

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Alpha variant spread via ‘super-seeding’ event within UK

The rapid spread of the Alpha variant of COVID-19 resulted from biological changes in the virus and was enhanced by large numbers of infected people ‘exporting’ the variant to multiple parts of the UK, in what the researchers call a ‘super-seeding’ event.

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Funding applications open to manage future shocks

The Oxford Martin School has opened its latest round of research funding, inviting expressions of interest for research into how future shocks can be managed.

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Post-Brexit trade agreements could lead to unhealthier diets

Post-Brexit free trade deals could lead to unhealthier eating in the UK and more diet-related deaths. But harms could be offset with targeted farming subsidies, now possible because of Brexit, and by making concerns for healthy eating central to trade policy, according to an Oxford study published today in the journal Nature Food.

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Oxford Martin School academics recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Three Oxford Martin School academics have been included in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, in recognition of their research and contributions to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Featured Video: Meat Your Persona

The LEAP team have been talking to shoppers to learn more about their meat and dairy consumption and to share the results of our research into the environmental and health impacts with the public.

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