We support research on subjects as diverse as the relationship between diet, human health and the environment, avoiding future pandemics, and developing more efficient models of drug discovery. Whether working with machine learning experts to understand vast, complex biomedical datasets or ethicists to develop a new understanding of collective moral responsibility in the face of infectious disease, our approach is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to advance human health and improve quality of life.


Climate Failure and Social Crisis Top Global Risks 2022

Climate risks dominate global concerns as the world enters the third year of the pandemic.

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Our World in Data awarded Covid Innovation Heroes Award

Our World in Data has been celebrated for its work on the global COVID-19 pandemic, receiving one of The Oxford Trust’s Covid Innovation Heroes Awards for­ 2021, part of the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire’s Covid Heroes programme.

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Blood pressure drugs could protect against type 2 diabetes

Researchers suggest lowering blood pressure should be added as a strategy for diabetes prevention

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Vaccinate the world, say Oxford vaccine trial participants

National pride in the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine does not outweigh desire for global greater good, suggests study with trial participants

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Publicly-funded clinical trials were crucial for COVID-19 vaccines; do the same for antibiotics

The triumph of COVID vaccine development, and the identification of effective treatments like dexamethasone, were only possible because of unprecedented coordination of clinical trials.

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Reduction in UK red and processed meat intake, but more needed to meet our climate targets

Daily meat consumption in the UK has decreased by approximately 17.4g per person per day – just under a 17% reduction – in the last decade, finds new research from the University of Oxford.

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Lowering blood pressure is still beneficial for the heart in old age

Blood pressure medication could lower heart attack and stroke risk even when blood pressure is not substantially raised

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Featured Video: Meat Your Persona

The LEAP team have been talking to shoppers to learn more about their meat and dairy consumption and to share the results of our research into the environmental and health impacts with the public.

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