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Alpha variant spread via ‘super-seeding’ event within UK

The rapid spread of the Alpha variant of COVID-19 resulted from biological changes in the virus and was enhanced by large numbers of infected people ‘exporting’ the variant to multiple parts of the UK, in what the researchers call a ‘super-seeding’ event.

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Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance to explore relationship between Africa and Asian International Financial Centres

Africa’s financial connections to Asian financial centres such as Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong will be the focus of a new research project within the Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance.

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Funding applications open to manage future shocks

The Oxford Martin School has opened its latest round of research funding, inviting expressions of interest for research into how future shocks can be managed.

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Professor Sir Charles Godfray elected to the American Philosophical Society

Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford Martin School Director and Professor of Population Biology in the Department of Zoology, is one of seven international scholars to be elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2021.

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Cities could be MORE important post-pandemic, not less

Paradoxically, more in-person work environments and the concentration of jobs in cities could be a medium- to long-term impact of the pandemic’s shift to remote working, suggests Citi GPS Technology at Work v6.0: The Coming of the Post-Production Society.

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New programme launched to reshape our approach to tackling biodiversity loss

The accelerating loss of biodiversity is rapidly becoming acknowledged as one of the major threats facing humanity in the next decade, just as its significance to our health, wealth and well-being is becoming better understood.

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Four new initiatives launched to support ‘Building Back Better’ from COVID-19

The Oxford Martin School has launched four new solutions-focused research initiatives, designed to make an immediate difference in helping the world ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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