The mission of the School is to tackle the most pressing global challenges of this century. Understanding how societies are structured, how they interact, how people behave and what motivates them is crucial to understanding how to chart a course to a better future.


New programme launched to reshape our approach to tackling biodiversity loss

The accelerating loss of biodiversity is rapidly becoming acknowledged as one of the major threats facing humanity in the next decade, just as its significance to our health, wealth and well-being is becoming better understood.

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Four new initiatives launched to support ‘Building Back Better’ from COVID-19

The Oxford Martin School has launched four new solutions-focused research initiatives, designed to make an immediate difference in helping the world ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New research programme to advance economic justice in developing countries

The Oxford Martin School has launched a new programme to identify how international development can deliver meaningful work and livelihoods for all citizens.

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It is the debt which kills the person: Mobile livelihoods in Delhi

To understand the impacts of the pandemic on different groups it is important to engage with the experience at the margins of society and to examine the socially and long-lasting effects of the virus.

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Banning wild meat could increase biodiversity loss, reveals study

A blanket ban on the trade of wild meat could create risks for nature and for human health, finds a first of its kind study from an international group of researchers.

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Targeted support needed to prevent automation hitting low wage workers hardest

Low-wage workers face a double blow from automation, a new study from INET Oxford has found; they are both more likely to lose their jobs due to new technologies and less likely to have the skills required to switch to newly created jobs.

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‘Building Back Better’ addressed at public online events

From Thursday 21st January, the Oxford Martin School will restart its series of events discussing how the world can ‘Build Back Better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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