The mission of the School is to tackle the most pressing global challenges of this century. Understanding how societies are structured, how they interact, how people behave and what motivates them is crucial to understanding how to chart a course to a better future.


Five new programmes will explore technological solutions to global challenges

The Oxford Martin School is pleased to announce the launch of five new programmes of research, identified through an open competition across the University.

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New report shows that COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to remote working

The fifth edition in the Citi GPS Technology at Work series, A New World of Remote Work, looks at how COVID 19 fast-forwarded existing trends and quantifies the possible impact of these trends on the future of work.

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Cold chains can help mitigate the COVID-19 food crisis: key lessons from Uganda

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Challenging Circumstances: we need international guidelines for human infection studies

Would you be willing to infect yourself with coronavirus to test a vaccine?

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How Natural Resource (Mis-)management in the Nile River Basin May Threaten Stability

As the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) nears completion, the Nile River Basin is at a crossroads. The next few months will be consequential for relations between countries in the river basin—notably Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt—because dam management upstream could have consequences for the supply of water downstream.

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Democracies have responded more effectively to COVID-19 than autocracies, study shows

Autocracies imposed harsher lockdowns but democracies have responded more effectively to COVID-19.

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Proactive engagement to understand and address wildlife trade in an unsettled world

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