The mission of the School is to tackle the most pressing global challenges of this century. Understanding how societies are structured, how they interact, how people behave and what motivates them is crucial to understanding how to chart a course to a better future.


Works starts on the Net Zero Regulation and Policy Hub

Researchers across Oxford and partners around the world are coming together to build a centre of expertise dedicated to studying and supporting the urgent task of aligning policy and regulation to climate objectives.

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Changing Global Orders programme launches ‘Global Shocks’ podcast

The Oxford Martin School is proud to support the launch of the Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders’ new podcast miniseries, ‘Global Shocks’.

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How researchers aimed to meet resource challenges that transcended boundaries

The Oxford Martin Programme on Transboundary Resource Management came to a close not long ago and as such there is an opportunity to reflect on what we mean by this concept and how increasingly relevant it is during these geopolitically volatile times. Two of the programme’s directors explain more.

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Changing Global Orders programme partners with UNDP on policy workshop

Recently the Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders partnered with the UNDP Human Development Report Office to hold one of a series of policy-focused workshops focusing on how international institutions respond to turbulent times. The workshops form part of the series of global consultations that work towards the 2023 Human Development Report.

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