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We must change what we eat to solve the climate crisis, shows research

Even if fossil fuel emissions stopped immediately, emissions from the global food system alone could raise global temperatures by more than 1.5°C, new research from an international team led by the University of Oxford shows.

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Filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is unlikely to significantly affect Egypt, but coordinated drought planning is essential

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), currently under construction, has strained relations between Nile countries.

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We need to stop the data economy, before humanity pays the ultimate price

If you've watched Netflix's documentary The Social Dilemma, you'll know that it paints a terrifying – and accurate – picture of the damage that digital technology is causing to individuals and societies.

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Research emphasises need for COVID-19 vigilance in tight-knit communities

Small, close-knit communities are at high risk for rapid, intense COVID outbreaks, especially if they haven’t yet experienced outbreaks of COVID-19, shows a new study by the University of Oxford and Northeastern University, Boston.

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Survival instincts for the planet: is human nature with us or against us?

Human nature is often blamed for many of the ills in society and politics, with seemingly devastating results. For example, the cognitive biases that we all share as human beings—such as overoptimism, loss aversion, or group bias—are argued to contribute to policy failures, crises, wars, and environmental ruin.

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Reenergising antibiotic policy: hallmarks for a sustainable antibiotic future?

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EU-Mercosur Trade Deal fails to meet sustainability criteria on human rights, ecosystems and climate

An international group of researchers has concluded that an upcoming trade agreement between the EU and Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (the Mercosur bloc) fails across sustainability criteria.

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