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Drug discovery must change urgently to address global health needs

Oxford Martin researchers call for a new 'pharmaceutical commons' to transform research and development


Misinformation, science and the media

New research programme will investigate how “junk science” and false news influence public understanding of scientific issues


Searching for new ways to control pandemics

New Oxford Martin programme aims to build greater understanding of epidemics by using genome sequences from emerging pathogens


Taking stock of climate pollutants at COP23

Investigating how we can best link emissions of climate pollutants with global warming


Why increasing inequality in rich countries needs to be taken seriously

The latest Oxford Martin and Citi report explores the global implications of rising inequality in OECD countries

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Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health at the Oxford Martin School

This assembly of global experts demonstrate the economic and policy case for the emerging field of planetary health

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What is the Oxford Martin School?

Find out more about our research

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