Ageing and Ethnic Diversity

Event Series

22 January 2009, 1:00am 12 March 2009 - 1:00am

In this series:

22 January 2009
Seminar: Professor Naina Patel, "Age, Enterprise and Change"

29 January 2009
Seminar: Dr Chih Hoong Sin, "Ageing, Ethnicity and 'the other': Challenges for Inclusive Research"

05 February 2009
Seminar: Professor Mark Johnson, "An Ageing Minority Cohort: Challenges for Care Services?"

12 February 2009
Seminar: Professor Philip Rees, "Ageing for Britain's Ethnic Groups: the National and Local Picture to Mid-century"

19 February 2009
Seminar: Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam, "Narrative Methods in Researching Ageing and Ethnicity: Methods, Emotions and Ethics"

26 February 2009
Seminar: Dr Alison Shaw, "The Negotiation of Care for the Elderly in Transnational Pakistani Families"

05 March 2009
Seminar: Dr Sandra Torres, "Cross-cultural Interactions in the Context of Swedish Elderly Care: Preliminary Findings from an Ethnographic Study"

12 March 2009
Seminar: Professor Christina Victor & Dr Wendy Martin, "Families and Caring in South Asian Communities"