Ageing in Asia

Event Series

17 January 2008, 1:00am 06 March 2008 - 1:00am

In this series:

17 January 2008
Seminar: Mark Gorman, "The Challenges of ageing in Asia"

24 January 2008
Seminar: Mariko Fujiwara, "The elderly reshaping consumer market in Japan"

31 January 2008
Seminar: Professor Eef Hogervorst, "High Levels of Phytoestrogens Increase Risk for Poor Memory and Possible Dementia in Javanese Elderly Over 68 Years of Age"

07 February 2008
Seminar: Dr Elizabeth Hsu, "Back at work after early retirement: transnational Chinese doctors in East Africa"

14 February 2008
Seminar: Dr Jason Powell, "Ageing and Governmentality in China"

21 February 2008
Seminar: Professor Ik Ki Kim, "Comparison of socioeconomic development and population aging in China, Korea and Japan"

28 February 2008
Seminar: Dr Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, "Pension reform in Indonesia and Thailand: unsustainable and unjust"

06 March 2008
Seminar: Dr Misu Isahara, "Exploring the demographic location of housing wealth in East Asia"