ELAC/CCW Lunchtime seminar series - Hilary 2011

Event Series

18 January 2011, 2:00pm 08 March 2011 - 3:30pm

In this series:

18 January 2011
Seminar: Dr Cian O'Driscoll, "A 'Fighting Chance' or Fighting Dirty? Michael Gross meets the Spartans"

25 January 2011
Seminar: Dr Tamar Meisels, 'Pre-emptive Strikes - Israel and Iran'

01 February 2011
Seminar: Professor Ian Clark, "Special responsibilities and the Security Council"

08 February 2011
Seminar: Dr Paul Cornish, "Contemporary security challenges"

15 February 2011
Seminar: Professor Markus Wagner, "The Battlefield from Afar: Independently Operating Weapons Systems and their Compatibility with the Laws of Armed Conflict"

22 February 2011
Seminar: Dr Timo Noetzel, "The German Politics of War: The Kunduz Affair and the War in Afghanistan"

01 March 2011
Seminar: Professor Martin Cook, "Military Ethics as Professional Ethics: The Limits of the Philosophical Approach"