ELAC/ CCW Seminar Series - Hilary 2010

Event Series

19 January 2010, 1:00am 02 March 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

19 January 2010
Seminar: Professor Victor Tadros, "Punitive War"

26 January 2010
Seminar: David Blagden, "Strategic Thinking for an Age of Austerity"

02 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Seth Lazar, "War and Love: The Role of Special Relationships in the Ethics of War"

09 February 2010
Seminar: Professor Michael Doyle, "Human Rights, Sovereignty and Military Intervention: A Dialogue with JS Mill"

16 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Bastien Irondelle, "Rethinking the Nuclear Taboo: The French Perspective"

23 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Antonio Giustozzi, "Empires of Mud: Afghanistan 2001-2010"

02 March 2010
Seminar: Professor Gerry Simpson, "War Crimes Trials, Solemnity and the Problem of Evil"

07 June 2011
Seminar: Dr Seth Lazar, "Morality and Law in War"