ELAC/ CCW Trinity Term 2010 Seminar Series

Event Series

27 April 2010, 1:00am 08 June 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

27 April 2010
Seminar: Professor William Schabas, "The Review Conference of the Rome Statute: Amending the Statute and Taking Stock of the Court"

04 May 2010
Seminar: Captain William Park, "The Mafia and the Mullah: Counternarcotics, Counterinsurgency and Realpolitik in Afghanistan"

11 May 2010
Seminar: Anthony Dworkin, "Why it doesn't matter whether we're at war with al-Qaeda"

18 May 2010
Seminar: Professor Robert Patman, "Strategic Shortfall: The Somalia Syndrome and the March to 9/11"

25 May 2010
Seminar: Professor Toni Erskine, "Kicking Bodies and Damning Souls: The Danger of Harming “Innocent” Individuals While Punishing “Delinquent” States"

01 June 2010
Seminar: Professor Clive Jones, "Intelligence and the Dhofar Campaign"

08 June 2010
Seminar: Professor Jane Stromseth, "Do International Criminal Courts Strengthen Justice on the Ground in Post-Conflict Societies?"