Evolving economic thought

Event Series

17 January 2019, 5:00pm 20 June 2019 - 6:00pm

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Re-thinking economics has never been more important. Climate change, technological change, equitable development and migration are among the many challenges the world is currently facing, and new paradigms of economic thought can help society respond effectively. An economic lens can help us understand, adapt and plan for the future. This lecture series presents ideas from leading-edge thinkers on how we might do so.

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In this series:

17 January 2019
"Losing it: the economics and politics of migration" with Prof Ian Goldin

24 January 2019
"Wealth inequality in political perspective" with Prof Ben Ansell

29 January 2019
"How lives change: Palanpur, India, and development economics" with Lord Nicholas Stern

31 January 2019
"The value of everything: rediscovering purpose in the economy" with Prof Mariana Mazzucato

14 February 2019
"The economics of 1.5°C climate change" with Prof Simon Dietz

28 February 2019
"Saving labour: automation and its enemies" with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

09 May 2019
"How complexity can resolve the crisis in economics" with Prof Doyne Farmer

23 May 2019
"Navigating knowledge: new tools for the journey" with Dr Penny Mealy

30 May 2019
"Is the human species slowing down?" with Prof Danny Dorling

06 June 2019
"Changing technology, changing economics" with Prof Diane Coyle

13 June 2019
"The future of the Corporation, Economy and Society" with Prof Colin Mayer & Sir Paul Collier

20 June 2019
"New economic and moral foundations for the Anthropocene" with Prof Eric Beinhocker