Hilary 2014 Seminar Series: ‘Art, museums, wellbeing & ageing’

Event Series

22 January 2014, 1:00pm 12 March 2014 - 2:30pm

In this series:

22 January 2014
"Active ageing with music: supporting wellbeing in the Third and Fourth Ages" by Dr Andrea Creech

29 January 2014
"Museums, health and wellbeing - exploring the therapeutic potential of museums and cultural heritage" by Dr Helen Chatterjee

05 February 2014
"Engaging with contemporary visual art: maintaining health and well-being" by Andrew Newman

12 February 2014
"Psychosocial containment and aesthetic experience" by Prof Lynn Froggett

19 February 2014
"Making memories matter" by Helen Fountain and Gill Munday

26 February 2014
"Memory, material culture and identity" by Steph Mastoris

05 March 2014
"Museums and gallery partnerships in clinical services: our journey so far" by Helen Shearn

12 March 2014
"Music & medicine across the lifespan" by Daisy Fancourt