Hilary Term 2012 Seminar Series: ‘Poverty, class and inequality in older populations’

Event Series

26 January 2012, 1:30pm 08 March 2012 - 3:00pm

In this series:

26 January 2012
Seminar: Dr Chris Davies, "Class inequalities in health and social welfare affecting the elderly in Russia: Have they increased in the transition period?"

02 February 2012
Seminar: Dr Jose Manuel Roche, "Multidimensional poverty measurement: tailoring applications to context and age groups"

09 February 2012
Seminar: Dr Nick Townsend, "Social inequalities in the burden of cardiovascular disease"

16 February 2012
Seminar: Dr Philip Kreager, "Social stratification schemes and the older population of Indonesia"

01 March 2012
Seminar: Dr Elizabeth Breeze, "Health inequalities in the English longitudinal study of ageing"

08 March 2012
Seminar: Dr Bernard Rachet, "Age and socio-economic inequalities in cancer survival"