IMI Seminar Series, Michaelmas Term 2013

Event Series

15 October 2013, 2:00pm 03 December 2013 - 3:30pm

In this series:

15 October 2013
"Migration and development (theory) in the context of the rising powers" by Dr Parvati Raghuram

22 October 2013
"Does emigration affect corruption in the country of origin? Household-level analysis of institutional remittances" by Dr Artjoms Ivlev

29 October 2013
"The slump and immigration policy in Europe" by Prof Tim Hatton

05 November 2013
"Selection, selection, selection: Labour market outcomes of return migrants " by Prof Jackline Wahba

12 November 2013
"Educational mobilities and Pacific-Rim migrations" by Dr Johanna Waters

19 November 2013
"Links between internal and international migration: an Albanian case study" by Dr Julie Vullnetari

26 November 2013
"The effect of visa policies on immigration & emigration dynamics" by Dr Mathias Czaika and Dr Hein de Haas

03 December 2013
"Stigmatised spaces: exploring Pakistani transnational organisational spaces in Toronto and New York City" by Ali Chaudhary