Webinar Series: Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Event Series

24 June 2020, 11:00am 30 September 2020 - 12:00pm

The Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy is running a series of free webinar meetings over the summer. Please join us!

We’re covering a range of different topics, all of which are relevant in our journey towards an energy future that is cleaner, greener, and more socially equitable than now.

Our speakers are drawn from academia and industry, and can give a fully rounded perspective on theory and practicality.

The webinars will comprise a short presentation from the speakers, and then a Q&A session.

The presentations will introduce the topic under discussion, highlighting key aspect and relevant issues, to help people learn more about the topic and what is currently underway in terms of active research and trials.

Registration via Eventbrite is free. After having registered, you will be sent the joining instructions, plus reminders when the event is about to start. The webinars will be run using Zoom.

In this series:

08 July 2020
'Smart Local Energy Systems: social, technical and operational aspects' with Dr Sarah Darby, Dr Scot Wheeler & Melanie Bryce

15 July 2020
'Electric Vehicles: broadening access and supporting electricity networks' with Sivapriya Mothilal Bhagavathy & Esther Dudek

05 August 2020
'Energy access v reliability: opportunities and challenges in Sierra Leone' with John Rhys, Hindolo George-Williams & Kelcise Sesay

19 August 2020
'Current challenges of renewable energy: integration in China' with Jose Maria Valenzuela & Hao Zhang

16 September 2020
'Energy efficiency in a post-lockdown world: Earthshot not Moonshot' with Nick Eyre, Paul Massara & Andrew Wright

30 September 2020
'Seizing the opportunity to raise hydrocarbon taxation' with Daniel Hardy & William Todts