International Migration Institute HT Seminar Series

Event Series

21 January 2014, 2:00pm 12 March 2014 - 3:00pm

In this series:

21 January 2014
"Nationality acquisition in Spain: legal asymmetries and effects on selectivity" by Dr Amparo González-Ferrer

29 January 2014
"When the twain don’t meet: the logic of migration, the logic of states" by Jeroen Doomernik

05 February 2014
"The numbers game: targets and indicators in UK immigration policy" by Prof Christina Boswell

12 February 2014
"Returning to Senegal and DR Congo: key choices and constraints in migrants’ life trajectories" by Marie-Laurence Flahaux

19 February 2014
"Fortress Europe or Europe of Rights? The Europeanization of family migration policies in France, Germany, and the Netherlands" by Dr Saskia Bonjour

26 February 2014
"Tactical actors: theorising the relationship between state agents and irregular movers" by Dr Michael Collyer

12 March 2014
"Educational mobilities and Pacific-Rim migration" by Dr Johanna Waters

12 March 2014
"Migrants, citizens and refugees: lessons from the African Great Lakes Mobility project" by Dr Oliver Bakewell and Naluwembe Binaisa