International Migration Institute Seminar Series, Michaelmas 2014

Event Series

14 October 2014, 2:00pm 02 December 2014 - 3:00pm

In this series:

14 October 2014
"Negative assimilation: how immigrants experience economic mobility in Japan"

21 October 2014
"Occupational status attainment and intergenerational occupation mobility among Turks in Turkey and Turks in Europe" by Harry Ganzeboom

28 October 2014
"The spiral effect of the law: immigration law and practice in Russia" with Agnieszka Kubal

04 November 2014
"Migration and return determinants amongst South African expatriates: An integrated analysis" with Alvaro Morcillo

18 November 2014
"Introducing the concept of ‘Refugee Economies’: A holistic approach to economic lives of refugees" with Naohiko Omata

25 November 2014
"Beyond social and political approaches of immigration in French Guyana: Sketching a migratory system in the Amazonian Basin" with Frédéric Piantoni

02 December 2014
"Education and immigration: Substitutes or complements? A case study of medical doctors" with Yasser Moullan