James Martin Advanced Research Seminar Series - Hilary 2010

Event Series

20 January 2010, 1:00am 10 March 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

20 January 2010
Seminar: Dr Anders Sandberg, "The Enhanced Courtroom: Cognition enhancement and juror mental ability"

27 January 2010
Seminar: Carl Shulman, "Evolutionary pressures on the values of brain emulations or artificial intelligence"

03 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Robin Pierce, “Setting Margins for Therapeutic Justice: Circumscribing Consent”

03 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Jakob Elster, "The Brain and its Law"

10 February 2010
Special Seminar: Professor Sujoy Mukerji, "Decision making under ambiguous uncertainty"

17 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Neil Levy, "The role of consciousness in morally responsible action"

17 February 2010
Seminar: Dr Guy Kahane, "The Crippled Armchair: An Argument for Experimental Ethics"

24 February 2010
Seminar: Mark Sheehan, "Dealing in Pieces of Silver: Financial Inducements in Research"

24 February 2010
Seminar: Adrian Walsh, "Human Organ Sales as a Distinctive Moral Hazard"

03 March 2010
Seminar: Dr Hanna Pickard and Dr Steve Pearce, "Finding the Will to Recover: Philosophical Perspectives on Agency and the Sick Role"

10 March 2010
Seminar: Dr Shane Legg, "What can the architecture of the brain teach us about artificial intelligence?"

10 March 2010
Seminar: Professor Robin Hanson, “We Don't Donate To The Distant Future; Do We Care?”