James Martin Advanced Research Seminar Series - Michaelmas 2010

Event Series

13 October 2010, 1:00am 01 December 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

13 October 2010
Seminar: Milan M. Cirkovic, "Philosophical Aspects of SETI: Undermining the Traditional Skeptical Arguments"

20 October 2010
Seminar: Hanna Pickard, "Responsibility without Blame: Philosophical Reflections on Psychiatric Practice"

27 October 2010
Seminar: Katharina Berndt, 'Should the Probabilities Count?'

03 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Gero Miesenbock, "Lighting up the brain"

10 November 2010
Seminar: Blanca Rodriguez, "Is there a case for compulsory enhancement?"

17 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Russell Powell, "A Future Without Genetic Engineering: Medicine, Evolution and the Preservation of Human Good"

24 November 2010
Seminar: Rebeccah Slater, ‘Noci-skepticism and neuroscience. Should we treat pain in newborn infants?’

01 December 2010
Seminar: Richard Menary, "Cognitive Niche Construction: Somewhere Between Scaffolding and Extension"