Lecture Series: Blurring the lines: the changing dynamics between man and machine

Event Series

30 January 2014, 4:30pm 13 March 2014 - 6:00pm

In this series:

30 January 2014
"Where next for citizen science? Innovative uses for crowd sourcing" by Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Brooke Simmons

06 February 2014
"mHealth: smartphones as saviours?" by Dr Fred Hersch and Dr Gari Clifford

13 February 2014
"Artificial intelligence: examining the interface between brain and machine" by Dr Anders Sandberg

20 February 2014
"Mapping and identifying biodiversity: using new technology to understand our ecosystem" By Prof Kathy Willis, Dr Peter Long and Dr Timos Papadopoulos

27 February 2014
"Drone strikes: ethics and laws of 21st century warfare" by Dapo Akande and Dr Alex Leveringhaus

06 March 2014
"Sensors everywhere? Trends and challenges for accurate indoor localisation" by Prof Marta Kwiatkowska and Dr Niki Trigoni

13 March 2014
"Replaced by robots? The challenges and opportunities of automation for the workforce" by Dr Carl Frey and Dr Michael Osborne