Lecture Series: Certification and Sustainability

Event Series

20 June 2010, 1:00am 25 November 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

14 October 2010
Seminar: Dr Lars Gulbrandsen, "Introduction to and Overview of Third Party Certification"

21 October 2010
Seminar: Dr Clive Barnett, "Enacting the Ethical Consumer"

28 October 2010
Seminar: Professor Dan Klooster, "Driven to Drive Markets: The contradictions of forest certification in the promotion of sustainability"

04 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Ian Taylor, "Conflict diamonds and the governance of resources"

11 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Alex Nicholls, "Fair Trade Certification"

18 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Tim Bartley, "Standards for sweatshops: voluntary labour standards programs in global supply chains"

25 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Timothy Sinclair, "Problems With Credit Rating Agencies"

02 December 2010
Workshop: Certification and Sustainability