Lecture series: Creating a climate for change: what’s at stake in global climate negotiations

Event Series

22 January 2015, 6:00pm 28 May 2015 - 7:30pm

In this series:

22 January 2015
"The metabolism of a human-dominated planet" by Prof Yadvinder Malhi

29 January 2015
"Climate change: dealing with uncertainty" by Prof Tim Palmer CBE

05 February 2015
"Climate change: what science and the IPCC report have to say" by Prof Myles Allen and Dr Nick Eyre

12 February 2015
"Hopes and fears: why people disagree about how to tackle climate change" by Dr Rob Bellamy

19 February 2015
"Climate change and our oceans" by Prof Gideon Henderson and Prof David Marshall

26 February 2015
"The ‘perfect storm’ revisited: food, energy and water security in the context of climate change" by Prof Sir John Beddington

05 March 2015
"Global water risks and the climate adaptation challenge" by Prof Jim Hall

12 March 2015
"Biodiversity and climate change: what happens when we turn up the heat on nature?" by Dr Nathalie Seddon

30 April 2015
"Realising human rights in a warming world" by Prof Simon Caney

07 May 2015
"Top-down or bottom-up: getting traction on climate change" by Prof Steve Rayner

14 May 2015
"Engineering a cooler planet: Could we? Should we?" by Prof Richard Darton and Prof Steve Rayner

21 May 2015
"Sustainable transport: electric dreams vs carbon reality" by Prof David Banister and Dr Malcolm McCulloch

28 May 2015
"A wealthy, healthy planet: creating green economic growth" by Prof Cameron Hepburn