Lecture series: Health in the 21st century: what’s new?

Event Series

16 October 2014, 4:30pm 04 December 2014 - 6:00pm

In this series:

16 October 2014
"Ebola: implications for Africa and understanding future pandemics" by Prof Peter Piot

23 October 2014
"Impact of childhood vaccination: what's next?” by Dr Matthew Snape

30 October 2014
"Oxford and the next generation of mobile health" by Dr David Clifton

06 November 2014
"Well fed? The health and environmental implications of our food choices" by Prof Susan Jebb, Dr Tara Garnett & Prof Mike Rayner

13 November 2014
"New strategies for disease prevention and management, from infancy to old age" by Prof Terry Dwyer and Dr Kazem Rahimi

20 November 2014
"Eradicating Hepatitis C and HIV: progress and challenges for the next ten years" by Dr John Frater and Dr Ellie Barnes

27 November 2014
"Why do we need to reconstruct drug discovery?" by Prof Chas Bountra & Dr Javier Lezaun

04 December 2014
"Strategies for vaccines for the 21st century" by Prof Susan Lea, Prof Christoph Tang, Prof Jeffrey Almond & Dr Ian Feavers