Lecture series: Ideas Into Action: 10 years of ground-breaking research

Event Series

15 October 2015, 6:00pm 03 December 2015 - 7:30pm

In this series:

15 October 2015
"Demographic change – the evolving health challenges" with Prof Sarah Harper and Prof Robyn Norton

22 October 2015
"Powering the world: can solar energy tackle climate change?" with Prof Malcolm McCulloch and Prof Henry Snaith

29 October 2015
"Facing the unknown: the future of humanity" with Prof Nick Bostrom

05 November 2015
"Mind the gap: inequality and its impacts" with Prof John Muellbauer and Prof Brian Nolan

12 November 2015
"Understanding emerging infections" with Prof Angela McLean

19 November 2015
"Creating the perfect human? The ethics of enhancement" with Prof Julian Savulescu

26 November 2015
"Prevent and protect: vaccines and immune responses" with Prof Adrian Hill

03 December 2015
"Climate prediction in the 2020s" with Prof Tim Palmer