Lecture Series: "Is the planet full?"

Event Series

13 October 2011, 1:00am 01 December 2011 - 2:00am

In this series:

13 October 2011
Seminar: Dr Toby Ord. "Overpopulation or underpopulation?"

20 October 2011
Seminar: Prof Mark New, "Water Scarcity: a shortage of water or a shortage of ideas?"

27 October 2011
Seminar: Prof Charles Godfray, "How can 9-10 billion people be fed sustainably and equitably by 2050”

03 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Guy Houlsby, "Scarce resources – problems and solutions"

10 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Robyn Norton, "Safe, effective and affordable healthcare for a bulging population"

17 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Sir Tony Atkinson, "Population, inequality and global justice"

24 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Sarah Harper, "Exploring the demographic transition in the 21st Century"

01 December 2011
Seminar: Mr Ian Johnson, "Are there limits to growth?"