Linacre Lectures 2008: "Climate governance beyond the nation state: how business, the arts, and cities are responding to climate change"

Event Series

17 January 2008, 1:00am 06 March 2008 - 1:00am

In this series:

17 January 2008
Lecture: Dr Harriet Bulkeley, "A new politics? Governing climate change beyond the state"

24 January 2008
Lecture: Mr Geoff Lye, "Multinational corporations and the changing landscape of climate accountability"

31 January 2008
Lecture: Professor Peter Newell, "The business of governing climate change"

07 February 2008
Lecture: Mr Nick Robins, "Financing the transition to a low carbon economy"

14 February 2008
Lecture: Mark Kenber, "Catalysing the business response"

21 February 2008
Lecture: Mr David Buckland, "Good planets are hard to find - a cultural response to climate change"

28 February 2008
Lecture: Sir David King, "Managing our civlisation's greatest challenge: the roles of governments, private sector, academics and individuals"

06 March 2008
Lecture: Pedro Moura Costa, "The carbon market post Bali"