OCTF Michaelmas Term 2013 Seminar Series

Event Series

25 October 2013, 5:15pm 06 December 2013 - 6:45pm

In this series:

25 October 2013
"Predicting Amazonian deforestation and its biodiversity consequences" by Dr Robert Ewers

01 November 2013
"Governance generating networks: interface of global and local actors in installing new forest management practices in Russia" by Maria Tysiachniouk

08 November 2013
"Some lessons from implementing REDD projects in Peru, Madagascar and DRC" by Christopher Tuite

21 November 2013
"Giants in the mist: The ecophysiology, land-sea interface, and climate change connections for California Redwoods" by Dr Todd Dawson

28 November 2013
"Reconstructing nutrient cycling in the palaeorecord to assess current global changes" by Dr Kendra McLauchlan

29 November 2013
"Brazil's indigenous peoples face the 21st century" by Dr John Hemming

06 December 2013
"Testing ecological theories in human-modified tropical forests – moulds, ants and birds" by Prof Ken Norris