OCTF Michaelmas Term Seminar Series

Event Series

14 October 2011, 5:15pm 02 December 2011 - 8:00pm

In this series:

14 October 2011
Seminar: Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto, "The forest law and the expansion of agriculture in Brazil"

21 October 2011
Seminar: Joel Scriven, "Monitoring and MRV for REDD+: Linking international policy to country implementation through UN-REDD"

04 November 2011
Seminar: Gillian Petrokofsky, "Evidence-based policy for good governance in REDD: is there a role for systematic reviews?"

10 November 2011
Seminar: Toby Gardner and Joice Ferreira, "Conservation-development trade-offs and the challenge of translating conservation science into policy: some insights from the Brazilian Amazon"

18 November 2011
Seminar: Leo Peskett, 'Is it time for REDD+ ‘version2’? Insights into governing forests through carbon from the first round of REDD+'

25 November 2011
Seminar: Jan Fehse, "Implementing REDD – an overview of activities, markets and investments"