OIPA Seminar Series: 'Ageing populations: from cell to society'

Event Series

17 January 2019, 3:00pm 07 March 2019 - 4:30pm

In this series:

17 January 2019
'Health scenarios for an ageing population' with Kenneth Howse

24 January 2019
'Understanding, beliefs and treatment of dementia in Pakistan: a case study of the disease in low- or middle-income countries' with Prof Asghar Zaidi

31 January 2019
'Targeting cell senescence to treat organismal ageing and frailty' with Prof Lynne Cox

08 February 2019
'Understanding population ageing in Bangladesh and Nigeria: SITAKUND Model vs HEPIQ-C Model' with Dr Hafiz T.A. Khan

14 February 2019
'Inequality and frailty in elderly people: a comparison between Eastern and Western Europe' with Dr Sara Zella

28 February 2019
'The changing characteristics and circumstances of the elderly in Russia: capabilities of birth cohorts, inequalities in health, and morbidity icebergs' with Prof Christopher Davis