Oxford Food Governance Group Seminar Series - Michaelmas Term 2012 - "Politics and practices of food governance"

Event Series

17 October 2012, 12:30pm 28 November 2012 - 2:00pm

In this series:

17 October 2012
"The challenge of feeding 9-10 billion people by mid-century" by Prof Charles Godfray

25 October 2012
"Governing food anxieties: The role of emotion in mothers' food practices" by Prof Alan Petersen

01 November 2012
"Where is the eating body? On situating beyond anatomy" by Prof Annemarie Mol

07 November 2012
"Sustainability and governance of the food supply" by Dr David Barling

14 November 2012
"Fat places? Re-thinking the obesogenic environment thesis and the implications for food governance" by Prof Julie Guthman

15 November 2012
"Legislating for healthy food in a single European market" by Christel Schaldemose

21 November 2012
"Date labelling and the governance of food quality and safety" by Dr Richard Milne

28 November 2012
"Experiments in sociological food governance" by Dr Michael Guggenheim