Pension Reform and the Economics of Ageing

Event Series

16 October 2008, 1:00am 04 December 2008 - 1:00am

In this series:

16 October 2008
Seminar: Dr Martin Seeleib-Kaiser, "The Political Economy of Pension Reform in Germany"

23 October 2008
Seminar: Dr William Jackson, "Retirement Policies and the Life Cycle: Current Trends and Future Prospects"

06 November 2008
Seminar: Professor E Phillips Davis, "Restrictions on Pension Fund Investment - a Cost Assessment"

13 November 2008
Seminar: Dr Mahmoud Messkoub, "The Impact of Population Ageing on Aggregate Savings"

20 November 2008
Seminar: Dr Martin Karlsson, "The Economics of Frailty: Disability and Long-Term Care Systems"

27 November 2008
Seminar: Professor Gordon Clark, "Private Pensions and Individual Behaviour: Implications for UK Pension Policy"

04 December 2008
Seminar: Professor Philip Booth, "Ageing, Public Choice Economics and the Dwindling Prospects for Pension Reform"