Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Event Series

10 May 2018, 6:00pm 28 November 2018 - 7:00pm

In this series:

10 May 2018
"Government needs to get better at policy-making; more open and connected with people" with Dr Andrea Siodmok

17 May 2018
“Science on the front line: getting good quality evidence into the news" with Fiona Fox

24 May 2018
"Putting science at the heart of society and culture" - Panel Discussion

31 May 2018
"Stats and studies are not enough: how to gain people's trust in scientific authority" with Nicky Hawkins

07 June 2018
“Governments across Europe need to be more candid with their citizens" with Dr Robin Niblett

14 June 2018
"Creating opportunities to think deeply about science" - Panel Discussion

30 October 2018
"Conflicting truths. How does government listen to scientists?" with Dr Claire Craig

06 November 2018
"What’s the point of engaging the public in science and health research?" with Imran Khan

16 November 2018
"Communicating robust science" with Clive Cookson

19 November 2018
"Why science matters for policy" with Dr Patrick Vallance

28 November 2018
“People and the frontiers of science: social science for the 21st Century" with Prof Jennifer Rubin