Seminar Series: Economics of Ageing

Event Series

14 October 2010, 1:00am

In this series:

14 October 2010
Seminar: Dr Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, "Research expenditure on dementia, heart disease, stroke and cancer: Is the level of spending related to the burden of disease?"

21 October 2010
Seminar: Professor John Muellbauer, "Demography and the Household Saving Rate in Japan"

28 October 2010
Seminar: Professor John Ermisch, "Population Ageing: Crisis or Opportunity"

04 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Axel Boersch-Supan, "Intergenerational Cohesion and the Political Economy of Pension Reform"

11 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Melanie Lührmann, "Durable purchases in Later life"

18 November 2010
Seminar: Dr David McCarthy, "National Transfer Accounts: Concepts and first UK Estimates"

25 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Albert Park, "Relying on Whom? Analyzing How China's Elderly Finance Their Consumption"

02 December 2010
Seminar: Dr Winnie Yip, "Wellbeing in Rural China: A Study Using the Day Reconstruction Method"