Seminar Series: ELAC Michaelmas Term 2011

Event Series

11 October 2011, 2:00pm 29 November 2011 - 3:30pm

In this series:

11 October 2011
Seminar: Joshua E. S. Phillips, "None of us were like this before: American soldiers and torture"

18 October 2011
Seminar: Commodore Steve Jermy, "Strategy for action: Using force wisely in the 21st century"

25 October 2011
Seminar: Prof Chandra Sriram, "The shadow of the ICC: Positive complementarity and the situation in Kenya"

01 November 2011
Seminar: Peter Wilson, "Security sector reform – how does it contribute to development, national security and democracy?"

08 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Michael Boylan, "International justice and war"

15 November 2011
Seminar: Etienne De Durand, "Does COIN have a future?"

22 November 2011
Seminar: Prof George Lucas, "Permissible preventative cyberwar"

29 November 2011
Seminar: Prof George Fletcher, "The law of war and its' pathologies"