Seminar series: Engaging with the Flexible City

Event Series

19 October 2010, 1:00am 30 November 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

19 October 2010
Seminar: Dr Rob Hope, "The paralyzed frog, water supply services and sustainable cities"

26 October 2010
Seminar: Professor Tim Dixon, "Sustainable Urban Development to 2050: Complex Transitions in the Built Environment of Cities"

02 November 2010
Seminar: Professor Sarah Harper, "Who will live in our future cities: exploring the implications of 21st Century demography"

09 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Mark Hinnells, "New business models for low-carbon cities"

16 November 2010
Seminar: Michael Keith, "Global migration and the future of le droit à la ville"

23 November 2010
Seminar: Dr David Howard, "Sustainable development and crime in the urban Caribbean"

30 November 2010
Seminar: Professor David Banister, "Transportation and the city"

01 December 2010
Seminar: Professor James Simmie, "Resilience and adaptation in city systems"