Seminar Series: "Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations?"

Event Series

20 January 2011, 1:00am 10 March 2011 - 1:00am

In this series:

20 January 2011
Seminar: Professor Peter Heller, ‘Is the fiscal crisis forcing a rethink of our intergenerational compact with the elderly?’

27 January 2011
Seminar: Professor John O'Neill, ‘Sustainability: How can each generation live well within limits?’

03 February 2011
Seminar: Professor Henry Shue, ‘A legacy of dangers: Climate failure and future generations’

10 February 2011
Seminar: Dr Simon Caney, 'Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice: What are our obligations to future generations?'

17 February 2011
Seminar: Professor Wolfgang Lutz, ‘Demographic balance and human capital from an intergenerational perspective’

24 February 2011
Seminar: Dr Martin Weale, ‘Fiscal policy, fairness between generations, and national saving’

03 March 2011
Seminar: Dr Ben Groom, 'Climate change investment – what is it worth for future generations?’

10 March 2011
Seminar: Professor Geir Asheim, ‘Can generations be treated equally?’