Seminar Series: "The question of gender within an ageing society"

Event Series

20 October 2011, 1:30pm 01 December 2011 - 3:00pm

In this series:

20 October 2011
Seminar: Dr Sondra Hausner, "Gender, mobility and belonging: Nepali care workers in Great Britain"

27 October 2011
Seminar: Prof Emerita Ursula King, "Spirituality, ageing and gender"

03 November 2011
Seminar: Prof Julia Twigg, "Clothing and the embodiment of age"

10 November 2011
Seminar: Dr Almudena Sevilla-Sanz, "Declining marriage and fertility rates in OECD countries: The role of men's home production"

17 November 2011
Seminar: Dr Katherine Morris, "The age of beauty and the beauty of age. Age, gender and 'beauty practices'"

24 November 2011
Seminar: Dr Joanne Cook, "Intergenerational transmission and gender relations in African families post migration"

01 December 2011
Seminar: Dr Sadie Wearing, "Representations of ageing in literature and culture: affect, aesthetics and ethics"