The Impact of Diasporas: Connection, Contestation, Convergence

Event Series

21 January 2010, 1:00am 11 March 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

21 January 2010
Seminar: Nicholas Van Hear, "Diasporas Engaged, Diasporas Deployed"

28 January 2010
Seminar: Alan Gamlen, "Rights in Diaspora, Impacts at Home: Portable Voting and Pension Entitlements"

04 February 2010
Seminar: Robin Cohen, "Filming Diaspora: Jews and Italians in New York City"

11 February 2010
Seminar: Jane Garnett, Ben Gidley, Alana Harris & Michael Keith, "Local Citizenship, Diaspora Belonging: Associational Politics, Faith and Settlements in 20th Century London"

18 February 2010
Seminar: Helene Neveu Kringelbach, "Multinational Families, Creolized Practices and New Identities: Euro-Senagalese Cases"

18 February 2010
Seminar: Linda McDowell, "Youth, Economic Change and Diaspora-Local Relations"

25 February 2010
Seminar: David Anderson and Neil Carrier, "Diasporas of Khat: Chewing in Transnational Space"

04 March 2010
Seminar: Oliver Bakewell, "African Diasporas in Africa: Oxymoron or Lacuna?"

04 March 2010
Seminar: Iain Walker, "Hadrami Diasporas: The Indian Ocean Glue"

11 March 2010
Seminar: Luisa Pinto Telxeira, "Perspectives on Memory, Mobility and Cultural Identities: The Lusophone Case"

11 March 2010
Seminar: Alex Betts, "Diaspora and Security: Challenges for Governance"

18 March 2010
Discussion: "The Impact of Diasporas"