Trinity Term 2012 IMI Seminars

Event Series

25 April 2012, 1:00pm 13 June 2012 - 2:00pm

In this series:

25 April 2012
"Diaspora concentration and the venture investment impact of remittances" by Prof Paul Vaaler

02 May 2012
"Measuring history: a conceptual exploration of the role of postcolonial ties in international migration" by Simona Vezzoli

09 May 2012
"Numbers vs. rights? Trade-offs in refugee and visa policy" by Dr Eiko Thielemann

16 May 2012
"Separated selves: the workings of immigration and citizenship in the UK" by Dr Bridget Anderson

23 May 2012
"Why anti-immigrant populism is so tempting: a long-term perspective?" by Prof Leo Lucassen

30 May 2012
"Do migrants really foster trade? The trade-migration nexus, a panel approach 1960-2000" by Christopher Parsons

06 June 2012
"Migration theory: quo vadis?" by Dr Hein de Haas

13 June 2012
"The (r)evolution of migration systems: evidence from comparative research" by Dr Oliver Bakewell