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Past Event

INSIS Workshop: 'Negotiating environmental knowledges'

This workshop is organised by the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society. Please register here by 3rd December.

This workshop will explore the production and negotiation of knowledge about human-environment relationships. Studies in anthropology, STS and geography have demonstrated that environmental knowledge claims are multiple and political. Bringing together scholars from these disciplines and related fields/professions, the event will facilitate discussions about the practical and conceptual dimensions of negotiating these knowledges in the context of interventions designed to assess and manage environmental resources or hazards. How are authority and expertise enacted and contested? What are the roles of uncertainty, ignorance, and imagination? How can we understand impact and accountability? Lenses for approaching these questions include political ecology; knowledge production and translation; and perception/ enactment of socio-ecological change. This workshop seeks to bring different approaches into conversation and generate debate about their potential contributions within and across disciplines and domains.



  • Andrea Ballestero (Rice University)
  • Patrick Bresnihan (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Sara de Wit (University of Oxford)
  • Rachael Carrie (Leeds University)
  • Kevin Collins (Open University)
  • Camelia Dewan (Stockholm University)
  • Emma Garnett (King’s College London)
  • Nayanika Mathur (University of Oxford)
  • Astrid Stensrud (University of Oslo)
  • Veronica Strang (Durham University)
  • Renzo Taddei (Federal University Sao Paulo)


For more information including agenda: or contact: or


Event Details

12 December 2018 10:30 - 13 December 2018 15:30



64 Banbury Road

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