Book launch for "Global Catastrophic Risks"

Past Event

17 July 2008, 1:00am


In Global Catastrophic Risks, twenty-six leading experts look at the gravest risks facing humanity in the 21st century, including natural catastrophes, nuclear war, terrorism, global warming, biological weapons, totalitarianism, advanced nanotechnology, general artificial intelligence, and social collapse.

The book also addresses over-arching issues - policy responses and methods for predicting and managing catastrophes. The book is intended for anyone interested in the big issues of our time; for students focusing on science, society, technology, and public policy; and for academics, policy-makers, and professionals working in these acutely important fields.

The introductory chapter of the book, which gives an overview of the chapters and of some of the over-arching issues relating to Global Catastrophic Risks.

Introduction available here