'Development without destruction: scientists, NGOs, and indigenous activists chart a sustainable alternative to mega-dams in Malaysian, Borneo' - film screening

Past Event

03 June 2016, 5:15pm - 6:45pm

School of Geography and Environment
South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QY

This film screening is organised by the Oxford Tropical Forest Centre

Short film and brief presentation followed by open discussion and drinks - all welcome

Speaker: Joe Lamb, Founder, The Borneo Project

Summary: Development in the Borneo rainforest based on rapid industrialisation comes at a high cost; to species diversity, to the global climate, and to the welfare of indigenous peoples. Indigenous activists in Borneo, in close cooperation with scientists from the University of California Berkeley are working together to redefine development. They have demonstrated that development based on alternative energy sources can end rural energy poverty while protecting Borneo’s species-rich forests and allowing Borneo’s indigenous peoples to chart their own path forward.

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About the speaker

Joe Lamb, founder of the Borneo Project, is a writer, filmmaker, and arborist who lives in Berkeley, California. His poetry and essays have appeared in Earth Island Journal, The Sun, Caliban, Wind, and other magazines.

Joe has degrees in biology, ecology, and film. He has taught biology and ecology in the United States and in Mexico. In 1991, under the auspices of Earth Island Institute, Joe founded the Borneo Project, an NGO that helps the indigenous peoples of Borneo secure land rights and protect their forest. Honored by the Goldman Foundation as an “environmental hero,” Joe was featured in the San Francisco public television program, “Green Means.” Joe co-directed and co-produced the Borneo Project’s recent mega-dam film series. Damming Our Future, one of the films in the series, won the Jury Award at the 2015 Kuala Lumpur International Eco Film Festival.

For almost 25 years the Borneo Project has helped indigenous peoples map their lands, tell their stories and press for the preservation of their forests through legal action. Learn more about the Borneo Project at www.borneoproject.org.